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Software, education-training and instructing, upkeep and servicing of the system for organizing and managment of the production in wood industry.
Software for furniture construction, stairs, roofings, production managment software, and managment of workers with help of bar code. Software can be adapt to customer`s needs and wishes.

All programme packages can be linked together with an interface, wich means that data does not need to be typed from one programme to another. In this way we save time and accuracy is higher while we are processing an order. The programme packages are property of Austrian, German and Belgian companies. Programme MegaTISCHLER and interfaces are the result of our work at Planles company based on our prevoius experiences and cooperation with our costumers. They give us an ideas and suggestions, which makes our programme more friendly and easier to use.

It is self-evident that individual programmes work as independent units. Users also decide to start with work in that programme package, where they have most difficulties (processing of customers or production) and where results are visible very fast. We offer also specific upgrades for individual users.

A short description of whole system composed of all programme packages:

A 3D CAD-CAM-CNC software MegaCAD-MegaTISCHLER is used to draw a desired product and present it into the photo-realistic image. Certain data are transferred directly to the CNC machines, all other data are processed in MegaTISCHLER, where you can make all production documentation needed. If desired, you can transfer data to production guiding software, such as Austrian product HOBEL2 (WINKEL2) where you can make many other processing (time comsumption calculation, workers management etc.). Element dimensions with material information can be transfered to programme package ARDIS, which is used for cutting optimization of sheets. Of course, any other cutting optimization software can be used, which user already have. With help of the TEMPO programme (togehter with HOBEL-WINKEL) with the bar code, the actual production times are gathered and compared with those expected. This way the whole process of production from order acceptance to shipping is monitored as far as costs and material are concerned.

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